I would like to promote this wonderful resource from the Butterfly Foundation.   Maybe you could suggest a visit to your school or your child’s school.  Together we can promote positive messages to our young people.  Let’s create enough interest from Queensland to encourage sessions here regularly.

Romana x

1010530_668931636484031_2092551438_nButterfly works with young people in schools and community organisations. Sessions are interactive and engaging and work to address some of the known risk factors that can contribute to negative body image and eating disorders. Through our workshops and presentations we aim to provide young people with awareness, strategies and tools so that they may actively support their self worth and body confidence.

Here are some comments that have been offered by students throughout Term 1 of 2013 following their attendance at one of our school programs:

Student 1: “I enjoyed this workshop very much. It gave me a lot of information about how photo shop is used. I have started not being so insecure and worrying about body image.”

Student 2: “It really broadened and expanded my knowledge as to how ‘fake’ images in magazines or advertisements can be. I think that the workshop really taught me not to compare myself to others, and that I should feel and be happy in my own skin. I enjoyed it thoroughly and was never distracted.”

Student 3: “When I left the workshop, I was smiling and felt better about myself!”

Workshops are currently available throughout metropolitan Victoria and New South Wales.  Packages can be developed for regions outside these areas. Please contact the us for more information.

Contact Emma Manks to book a workshop for your students:

Call (03) 9822 5771 or email emma@thebutterflyfoundation.org.au

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