I would like to introduce a website with resources to help you and your child learn about Anxiety and how to deal with real life situations.  There are some useful free resources on this website.  Please let me know if you find the information useful.   Romana x



Renee Jain of www.gozen.com discusses how parents can connect with their children. The technique is intuitive, but we often overlook it. Watch the video to learn more.
– See more at: http://www.gozen.com/want-to-connect-with-your-child-try-this/#sthash.WCTXxQwt.dpuf

Is your child suffering from anxiety? Mild worry is a normal part of growing up, but no child should suffer from the type of excessive fear or anxiety which disrupts life. At GoZen, simply by watching animations, your child will learn techniques to understand and conquer their anxiety.

GoZen! features fun, relatable characters like Nelly, Tomas, and Til & Widdle to help kids learn valuable concepts and techniques.

Everything is explained using simple language and real-life examples to really drive home the lessons. The best part is children are excited to learn with engaging and humorous animations!

GoZen! kids learn what worry is and where it comes from. With this powerful understanding of the fundamentals, kids then dive into how to overcome their anxiety with concrete, practical skills.

Research-based methods are transformed into easy-to-use anxiety relief tools. Skills to overcome constant “what if” thoughts, avoidance, and distorting reality are covered plus much more.

 Images and video sources from http://www.gozen.com