About Dancing With The Black Dog

Welcome to a new initiative to help raise awareness of anxiety and depression.  Please visit their website at https://www.dancingwiththeblackdog.com/ to learn more.

Dancing With The Black Dog is a registered charity (ABN 71157667411) dedicated to the worldwide eradication of the stigma of anxiety and depression. We are based in Melbourne, Australia and have helped provide hope to sufferers of anxiety and depression all over the world.

Founded in 2011 by Mark Pacitti, an ex-pat Scot of Italian descent, Dancing With The Black Dog started off as a fledgling blog where Mark openly shared his experiences of how he suffered from and ultimately beat anxiety and depression.

Mark’s story has evolved into a free online book, which has attracted mainstream media coverage, including radio interviews and newspaper and magazine articles in Australia, Hong Kong, UK, Canada and USA.

blackdogDancing With The Black Dog has also evolved into a charity organisation focusing on the following mental health initiatives:

Dancing With The Black Dog is a registered charity dedicated to eradicating the stigma of anxiety and depression, mainly through our global campaign called “It’s OK To Say If You Don’t Feel OK”. So no matter where you live, we can send our campaign lapel pins to you.

For more information, please visit our Who Are We page, where we also answer some FAQs, as well as outlining who we are not.