Elderly Woman Smiling Wearing a Swimming Cap in a Swimming PoolReasons to exercise. 6 reasons to exercise that aren’t losing weight..

Thank you to Nat from www.mamamia.com.au for this well written article.  Food for thought really!

Imagine if I told you that I knew about something that would improve your confidence, strengthen your heart, strengthen your bones, prevent sickness, improve oxygen supply, improve balance and co-ordination, boost your productivity, reduce stress, improve your mental health and lift your mood.

Imagine if that ‘something’ didn’t need to cost you much money, or take up much time. Imagine if it was easy to access, and available to everyone, regardless of age or gender or demographic.

You’d want to know about it, wouldn’t you? You’d want to bring it into your life, just like you brought in green smoothies and multivitamins and fish oil and kale.

The thing is – you know about it already. It’s exercise. You know – that thing we’re all supposed to be doing, but spend a whole lot of our lives avoiding…..(read more)

My favourite is reason 4. It gives you more energy.